How To Check Glo Airtime & Data Balance

Globacom Limited, commonly known as glo, is a Nigerian multinational telecommunications company founded on 29 August 2003 by Mike Adenuga. As of June 2018, the company employs more than 3,500 people worldwide.


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How to Check Glo Balance


Glo is the top GSM company in Nigeria. With a lot of subscribers, the company constantly works on the improvement of the system for checking of balance and transferring credits.


For customer convenience, the Glo company launched a special code to check airtime balance quickly and easily. If you are registered on the Glo network and are a prepaid user, then use this USSD method to check your balance. Let’s see how it works!

Take your phone and Dial *124#
Within a few seconds, you will receive a response with your airtime balance in it. The service is available 24/7.

In addition, the message could include other necessary details about your balance and latest news

NOTE: Do not make a mistake and dial 1234 to check your balance. The 124 code is free of charge, but if you dial 1234, then Glo will automatically charge at least N20 for your call.



Of course, you can also find out your airtime balance information through this means, but it will take more time and cost more. So just use *124# and do not waste your time on calling or waiting on the line.

Glo company is a very innovative company, and it continues to work hard everyday to offer convenience to subscribers. Since it provides one of the fastest Internet services, you can be sure to enjoy more value for your money. This is why, a simple task like checking your airtime balance is now as easy as ever!





How to Check Glo Data Balance.
It may surprise you to know that people get confused asking questions like “how to check data balance on glo” and “how to check glo data balance”, it’s the same question, and certainly, have the same answer.


Note that you can use the Glo USSD shared below to check your glo data balance without using your data or account balance. This USSD code works 24 hours and 7 days a week.

How to Check Glo Data Balance Code.

To check your Glo data Balance, dial *777#, and send/call. After dialing this code, select Manage Data ⇒ then Data Balance.


Once you’ve done this, you will receive a text message from Globalcom network, containing a complete detail of your current data balance, glo bonus data balance, expiry, and maybe one or two lucrative offers.

How to Check Glo Data Balance via USSD.


You can also check your Glo data balance via USSD, simply dial *127*0# on your phone and send/call.


After doing this, a message will pop-up on your screen, showing you your Glo data balance.

Still, you can dial *777#, this automatically takes to you the glo’s menu, next, select your current subscription plan, then choose manage data. Your subscription plan/expiry date, bundles remaining, etc will be shown to you and sent as an SMS to the Simcard.
Check Glo Data Balance Online.


However, if you want to check glo data balance online, especially for those using a Modem or router, visit glo’s official portal at When the portal loads up, you’ll see your complete data balance details.


Take note that you have to connect to the internet through the glo Simcard that has the data bundle for the portal to correctly show you, your balance.


How to Check Glo data balance via SMS.
Do you know that checking your Glo data balance can be done via SMS? Here’s the complete step by step procedure.


For subscribers who prefer to check their balance through SMS, simply send ‘INFO’ to 127.


After doing this, you’ll receive a reply from 127.


This message will contain everything you need to know about your current Glo internet subscription. Remaining gigabyte and expiry date.


Glo Data Plan Codes.


I honestly think it is only right that after sharing the complete guide on how to check Glo data balance, you may also be interested in knowing the most affordable glo data plans and activation codes.


Daily Glo Data Plan Codes.


32MB – 1 Day Plan – N50 – Code – *777#
105MB – 1 Day Plan – N100 – Code – *777#
350MB – 2 Days Plan – N200 – Code – *777#
1GB – 1 Day Plan – N300 – Code – *777#
2GB – 2 Days Plan – N500 – Code – *777#
1.5GB – 1 Sunday Plan – N200 – Code – *777#.


Night Data Plan Codes.


250MB – 1 Night Plan – N25 – Code – *777#
500MB – 1 Night Plan – N50 – Code – *777#
1GB – 5 Nights Plan – N100 – Code – *777#

Weekly Glo Data Plan Codes.


1.05GB – 14 Days Plan – N500 – Code – *777#
7GB – 7 Days Plan – N1500 – Code – *777#
Glo Campus Data Booster.
225MB – 2 Days Plan – N100 – Code – *777#
450MB – 4 Days Plan – N200 – Code – *777#
1.12GB – 7 Days Plan – N500 – Code – *777#
2.25GB – 15 Days Plan – N1000 – Code – *777#
4.5GB – 30 Days Plan – N2000 – Code – *777#
11.2GB – 30 Days Plan – N5000 – Code – *777#

Monthly Glo Data Plan Codes.


2.5GB – 30 Days Plan – N1000 – Code – *777#
4.1GB – 30 Days Plan – N1500 – Code – *777#
5.8GB – 30 Days Plan – N2000 – Code – *777#
7.7GB – 30 Days Plan – N2500 – Code – *777#
10GB – 30 Days Plan – N3000 – Code – *777#
13.25GB – 30 Days Plan – N4000 – Code – *777#
18.25GB – 30 Days Plan – N5000 – Code – *777#
29.5GB – 30 Days Plan – N8000 – Code – *777#
50GB – 30 Days Plan – N10000 – Code – *777#
93GB – 30 Days Plan – N15000 – Code – *777#
119GB – 30 Days Plan – N18000 – Code – *777#
138GB – 30 Days Plan – N20000 – Code – *777#

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